Computer Suddenly Dies fixes repairs diagnostics

Computer Suddenly Dies, how to repair computers and maintain it alive

Computer Suddenly Dies, shuts down when on the Windows Home Screen. This had been a big issue on one of my computers. It is the computer I am on right now, It used to shut down as soon that it reached the windows home screen. It was very hard to diagnose and find the problem.

I spend days diagnosing what is going on till I found the issue. It was lots of headaches and diagnosing. I never had this issue before. It usually gives you a blue screen of death telling you some codes. With these codes we can easily find and fix the problems. This computer didn’t show me any codes, it just turned black screen and rebooted. It starts up fine but when it reaches the Windows Home Screen it shuts off again, and does the same over and over.

Expensive Computer Repairs

This computer is very expensive, it has a very expensive MOBO, Intel i7 Processor and it has a nice Video Gaming Card. It is a Gaming Computer that will definitely be very durable and a super fast computer. I had a nice 8 Gigs or ram and one of the days that was shutting down constantly I think it fried the Memory module. Now I think I have a burnt Memory Stick and no longer works, not sure. I will save it to try it on another computer that I build. I installed another memory modules on the computer and it works again. Another Ram sticks that I had here from another computer and was a match.

Sometimes that works, you have a computer part and doesn’t work here but works on another system. If it doesn’t then I will be 100% sure and goes to the trash. I know there are people who sells them online by tricking us that the part is good. They want to make some fast cash and selling us a bad burnt part. It has happened to me and that is why I am sharing. That person might think no one is watching; there is someone watching and will punish 7 times for any bad doings.

I uninstall lots of programs and also some motherboard drivers and still the issue was still happening. The computer was still bad, shutting down constantly. I even put another OS and still the same issue, I updated the OS again with reconstructing the files and still the issue was there.

Determined to Fix

I spend another two hours and was determined to fix this computer for good, I was not going to give up. I removed the video card and started the computer. The issue was gone for good, look here I am still online writing on this post with it. Now I have this computer working perfectly, not sure why it is not working with the card.

I have ordered a different video card which I will try on here soon. It might be a fault video card or something that the MOBO or something else is not compatible with the card. I will try this card on another computer to see if this card is still good. The good thing is that the existing MOBO had plenty of video connections for the monitor so I am not worried about it.

Computer Repairs

I wrote this post to help someone out there if they are experiencing the same issue. If you are, then try to remove the card and see if that helps. I have a Windows 10 Pro. installed; just so you know. Also writing this issue so I have it here and won’t forget, maybe it can help me in the future.

Computer Suddenly Dies and the problem is fixed cause it was the Video Card.

Update on 5/1/2020: The problem was not the video card. The issue still came back and I fixed and explained on another post. Please read my other post so you know how to fix.

The motherboard on this case is GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3, and I have continued this on another post to fix the problem.

Computer Fixed and repaired update 3.26.21
The fix was very simple but was a long time to diagnose and fix. The power supply was the issue, it got damaged somehow and wasn’t providing the necessary juice for all components. I purchased a new 800 watts power supply and bye bye problem. The computer is nice and super fast, my kid is using it as a school online learning. He will keep it for himself so now that is a done deal. Please contact me if you need any computer fixed and perform better. There are times that fixing a computer takes longer than others.

Sometimes there are issues that never has happened before so has to be diagnosed and cured. Please let me know if you need any computer built or fixed.

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